Our mission is to discover and promote the new age entrepreneurs .Integrate emerging global business zones, opportunities and partnerships. Assistance to identify new projects, products and services. Updation and transformation of on going business to profit and professionalism.

Executive Summary

  • Abaft Consultants P. Ltd is a company for management consultancy with more or less twelve years experience in consultation and implementation support in different segments of management including industries.
  • The approach is in participatory level, not up on advisory level.
  • We intend to provide global level consultation, Management solutions, Management Development programme, Marketing, Business process re-engineering, Brand building, Project Management Consultancy, Quality Management System, Product Quality Improvement and Certification etc to the demand of the challenging world.
  • A professionally structured and tuned service.
  • To turn ourselves and our clients for the best output and performance to create an accurate work culture targeting more profit by avoiding waste and optimizing in house efficiency through our support.
  • Re-structuring of organizational behavior and practices
  • What are the ways in which we can adopt these practices?
  • No doubt the identified key to all above is information management, incorporation of HR, process and technology with IT (ERP), Organizational study, internal audit and performance audit in 1st level. Then this information should create positive result of integration of people, process & technology. Such information should be focused in the organization in total, technology driven and not just transactional. The information should be able to draw ready comparison against best norms in organizational satisfaction, index and outcome.
  • It is identified that our target geography needs to create an integrated organizational management system for its decision making to cater their services in the very changing world and administrative needs to meet its management expectation on quality, value perception and service.
  • It can be achieved only when various functions of our target community have uniform process and integrated by accessing and sharing information on department wise efficiency in a seamless manner across the organization.
  • Our solution is to empower and transform the present conventionalism to highly challenging and dynamic professional tool to the changing environments which can assure sustainability, development, progress and diversification of the organization.
  • It is evident that the objective is not fundamental to recommend any solution. Our approach and methodology shall be tuned only after assessment of the organisaton, after proper interaction, real time comparative study, including aptitude and attitude of entrepreneurs, total organizational behaviour and many more.
  • Then the objective can be fixed, the benchmarking is possible and move to successful implementation.
  • Solutions and objective are against the situation study and requirements conceived from various departments and top management.
  • Entrepreneur Development Programmes to optimize entrepreneurship.
  • Our approach is to integrate the important components of strategies fit, process mapping, functional and technology requirements and management tools in a integrated manner as these will contribute to the critical success factor.
  • Effective communication within and outside the organization.
  • To synergies a team and perform the activities and task of the process cross functionality with all level and width of the organization.
  • We assure the core benefit of our mutual engagement in information transfer which will enrich organizational capabilities. We are committing our best talent and resources. We have experience of professionalizing and re engineering of many institutions with our advantages in providing both business management and technology consultancy in an integrated manner. Our exclusive client track record will justify the statement. I.e. participating, guiding and implementing the process in more than 100 institutions.
  • Our value propositions are described as:
Benefits that accrued to our clients by way of implementation of solution as quantitative & qualitative levels.
Improve customer deliver promise
Performance with accuracy and speed
Service time reduction
Improve resource utilization
Increase direct and indirect human resource productivity
The high focus on customer, greater the sustainability of organization.
Improved decision making capabilities
Proper co-ordination between various departments and units such as board, administration, accounts, finance, PR, purchase, warehousing, stores, appointments, business plan, budgeting, annual report preparation etc.
Improvement of professionalism in service quality
Enhanced organizational flexibility and transparency
Enhanced organizational efficiency and core strength
Maximum cut off waste
Market credibility, social recognition and brand positioning